Sun cream SPF 30 Sun Pure High Protection Locherber 100ml

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Sun Pure Sun cream SPF 30 from Locherber High Protection

Locherber Sun cream last generation SPF 30 is indicated for sensitive and light skins, for first sun exposures and in case of intensive sun in the mountains or at the see-side. Thanks to a blend of refreshing and exotic fruit, Sun Pure sun cream has a fresh and pleasant fragrance.
Sun Pure Sun cream
The derivatives from Rice and Pomegranate support a moisturizing and efficient anti oxidative action to the skin.
A blend of UVN and UVA sun filters, help to prevent damages caused by penetrating and harmful radiations.
The presence of natural principles like Karité butter and Aloe barbadensis perform an elasticizing and sebo-balancing effect.
Soft and gentle texture gives a goof feeling on your skin.

Apply an adequate quantity of Sun Pure sun cream before sun exposure
Concentrate on sensitive risk areas of the skin of your body
Repeat application several times during sun exposure and every time after excessive sweating and long bathes.
Avoid sun exposure during hours with increased radiation (11.00-15.00h) and stay if possible in the shadow.
As for children, improve treatment applying the product with frequency and constancy.
In the evening or after sun exposures apply our Sun Pure AFTER SUN to refresh and normalize your skin.

Sun Pure sun cream SPF 30 from Locherber is water resistant. It does not contain synthetic colorings, parabens, derivates of animal origin, formaldehyde releasers.

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