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  Vivasan, Cosval, Sanotint, Migliorin, Locherber English

- Vivasan Health and Beauty

  Vivasan, Cosval, Sanotint, Migliorin, Locherber English
Vivasan Webshop distributes Vivasan, Sanotint, Migliorin, Cosval and Locherber

Vivasan is a direct sales company in essential oils, therapeutic creams, natural hair care products, cosmetics and biological active herbal food supplements, produced by well-known Swiss and Italian manufacturers.  
Vivasan International Web shop imports and distributes the products. All products are made in accordance with the worldwide-acknowledged high Swiss quality standards.
All products in stock!
Vivasan webshopFast worldwide delivery * High quality , Friendly prices, VAT included!

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Oral Hygiene natural oilOral Hygiene..€ 18,69€ 18,28*Balsamo colour care conditioner Sanotint - Buy now.Sanotint Bal..€ 13,20€ 12,29*Agliocrat with Garlic and Hawthorn berryAgliocrat wi..€ 18,69€ 18,28*Curcumine with Oleuropein 21g VivasanCurcumine wi..€ 32,79€ 32,07*Sanotint Intensive Silk hair masqueSanotint Int..€ 13,20€ 12,99*Eau de parfum Rice Germs 50ml ℮ - 1.69 fl.oz Locherber HomeEau de parfu..€ 24,44€ 23,75*Saint Roch Balm - Balsamo di San Rocco St. Roch Bal..€ 21,74€ 20,99*Ferroforte Vivasan natural iron providerFerroforte d..€ 26,96€ 26,37*Neroli oil Vivasan WebshopNeroli oil V..€ 56,21€ 54,97*Horse Chestnut Red Grape Leaves. Good for heart, veins and blood vessels. Horse Chestn..€ 31,56€ 30,87*Sun Pure After Sun from Locherber 1After Sun - ..€ 20,29€ 19,99*Stimusan strengthens the intestinal flora and helps the digestion.Stimusan dri..€ 32,42€ 31,49*Sanotint Classic hair colour Copper Blonde nr. 16 125 mCopper Blond..€ 14,49€ 14,19*Rosewood oil Vivasan webshopRosewood oil..€ 16,39€ 16,03*Sanotint Oil not Oil Light hair Restructuring Oil 200mlSanotint Oil..€ 13,20€ 12,99*Absolute Green Tea Fragrance diffuser bamboo sticks 100ml ℮ - 3.38 fl.oz Locherber Home Absolute Gre..€ 23,40€ 22,50*Juniper berry oil Vivasan WebshopJuniper berr..€ 24,76€ 24,22*Red Berry - Cranberry drink - with vit. A,C,E, LuteinRed Berry - ..€ 28,77€ 28,14*Kolestina 10 is good for blood cholesterol level, lipids metabolism and body weight balance. Kolestina 10..€ 25,00€ 23,99*Smart refill for diffuser Tangerine Cinnamon 250ml ℮ - 8.45 fl.oz Locherber HomeSmart refill..€ 19,54€ 17,66*

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Migliorin soft gel capsules for hair and nail strengthening for internal use Migliorin soft Capsules for hair and nail is a special dietary supplement to nourish the hair and, at the same time, str...

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