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  Vivasan, Cosval, Sanotint, Migliorin, Locherber English

- Vivasan Health and Beauty

  Vivasan, Cosval, Sanotint, Migliorin, Locherber English
Vivasan Webshop distributes Vivasan, Sanotint, Migliorin, Cosval and Locherber

Vivasan is a direct sales company in essential oils, therapeutic creams, natural hair care products, cosmetics and biological active herbal food supplements, produced by well-known Swiss and Italian manufacturers.  
Vivasan International Web shop imports and distributes the products. All products are made in accordance with the worldwide-acknowledged high Swiss quality standards.
All products in stock!
Vivasan webshopFast worldwide delivery * High quality , Friendly prices, VAT included!

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Mountain Juniper extract Vivasan 500g - syrupMountain Jun..€ 24,76€ 24,22*Locherber Hydrating Lipstick Wild Pink 4ml LS2Lipstick Wil..€ 14,19€ 13,86*Linen Buds Fragrance diffuser bamboo sticks 100ml ℮ - 3.38 fl.oz Locherber Home Linen Buds F..€ 34,68€ 29,99*Geranium oil Vivasan WebshopGeranium oil..€ 26,50€ 25,95*Spray diffuser Rice Germs 100ml - 3.38 fl.oz Locherber HomeSpray diffus..€ 32,64€ 29,99*Aroma Diffuser Nuvola Vivasan WebshopAroma Diffus..€ 43,41€ 42,45*Peppermint oil Vivasan WebshopPeppermint o..€ 12,22€ 11,97*Balsamo colour care conditioner Sanotint - Buy now.Sanotint Bal..€ 13,20€ 12,29*Liver Protection Ultra Vivasan WebshopLiver protec..€ 39,08€ 38,22*Sanotint Classic hair Colour Golden Chestnut nr. 5 125 mlGolden Chest..€ 14,49€ 14,19*Peppermint Green Tea drops Vivasan WebshopPeppermint G..€ 51,95€ 50,81*Vivasan Viva-K2 Vivasan for healthy bones Viva-K2 with..€ 34,60€ 33,84*Fennel oil Vivasan WebshopFennel oil 1..€ 12,99€ 12,70*Sun Pure Sun cream SPF 30 from Locherber from Locherber High ProtectionSun cream SP..€ 21,15€ 20,79*All Day Fit contains 13 vitamins, 5 minerals and 9 microelements Vivasan WebshopAll Day Fit ..€ 36,90€ 36,09*Sanotint Haircolur Classic Black nr. 1Black nr. 1 ..€ 14,49€ 14,19*Locherber Plant Ceramides 20 capsPlant Cerami..€ 35,09€ 33,89*Vital Plus Salmon oil Omega 3 Vivasan Webshop Vital Plus S..€ 16,99€ 16,62*Clary sage oil Vivasan WebshopClary sage o..€ 28,16€ 27,54*Mojito Fragrance diffuser bamboo sticks 100ml ℮ - 3.38 fl.oz Locherber Home Mojito Fragr..€ 34,68€ 29,99*

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Natural Brown nr. 73 Haircolour..
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Hair Colour Sanotint Classic Cherry Red nr. 24 Sanotint Hair Colour with Golden Millet and natural plant extracts Sanotint hair dye is the only ‘Do-it-yourself’ hair colour with Gol...

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