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  Swiss Health from Vivasan, Cosval, Sanotint, Migliorin, Locherber

- Vivasan Health and Beauty

  Swiss Health from Vivasan, Cosval, Sanotint, Migliorin, Locherber
Vivasan Webshop distributes Vivasan, Sanotint, Migliorin, Cosval and Locherber

Vivasan is a direct sales company in essential oils, therapeutic creams, natural hair care products, cosmetics and biological active herbal food supplements, produced by well-known Swiss and Italian manufacturers.  
Vivasan International Web shop imports and distributes the products. All products are made in accordance with the worldwide-acknowledged high Swiss quality standards.

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Eyeliner pencil Brown 1,18g Locherber PE2Eyeliner pen..€ 11,08€ 10,60*Vivasan VivaClean ultra strong stain remover spray VivaClean St..€ 18,53€ 17,98*Sanotint Classic hair colour Blue Black nr. 17 125 mlBlue Black n..€ 15,35€ 14,71*Migliorin Hair Loss Spray LotionMigliorin Ha..€ 23,42€ 21,99*Sanotint Shampoo AntidandruffSanotint Sha..€ 15,89€ 15,51*Red Berry - Cranberry drink - with vit. A,C,E, LuteinRed Berry - ..€ 27,71€ 26,98*Viva Beauty Excelsior Eye en Lip Contour Care cream from Vivasan international webshopEye and Lip ..€ 21,40€ 20,90*Sanotint Haircolur Classic Black nr. 1Black nr. 1 ..€ 15,35€ 14,71*Sanotint Classic hair colour Ash Blonde nr. 15 125mlAsh Blonde n..€ 15,35€ 14,71*Smart refill for diffuser Linen Buds 250ml ℮ - 8.45 fl.oz Locherber Home Smart refill..€ 22,61€ 22,05*Eye shadow compact 4 colours x 2g Locherber EC1Eyeshadow co..€ 26,98€ 26,20*Sanotint Sensitive Light hair colour Natural Blonde nr. 79 Dark Blonde ..€ 15,35€ 14,71*Vivasan Viva Beauty Eye care cream 15mlEye care cre..€ 23,69€ 13,92*Sanotint Classic hair colour Moka nr. 25 125mlMoka nr. 25 ..€ 15,35€ 14,71*Sanotint Classic hair Colour Golden Chestnut nr. 5 125 mlGolden Chest..€ 15,35€ 14,71*Spray diffuser Tangerine Cinnamon 100ml ℮ - 3.38 fl.oz Locherber HomeSpray diffus..€ 23,90€ 23,35*Locherber Hydrating Lipstick Coral 4ml LS3Lipstick Cor..€ 15,47€ 14,76*Relax with St. John's wort from VivasanRelax with S..€ 20,77€ 20,25*Spray diffuser Rice Germs 100ml ℮ - 3.38 fl.oz Locherber HomeSpray diffus..€ 23,90€ 23,35*Locherber Gift set with 5 TOP anti-ageing creams in luxurious gift box 5 top creams..€ 72,99€ 69,60*

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Eau de parfum Fig and Rose of Tabriz 50ml ℮ - 1.69 fl.oz Locherber Home

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