Natural Brown nr. 73 Haircolour Sensitive Light Sanotint PPD FREE 125ml

(Item no.: C173)

Sanotint Sensitive Light hair colour Natural Brwon PPD FREE nr. 73 

The only hair colour without p-Phenylenediamine for women with more sensitive skins

Sanotint Sensitive hair dye has an extremely reduced risk of allergic reaction. The product is free of parabens, p-Phenylenediamine, ammonia, added metals, paraffin’s, silicones, formaldehyde and is nickel tested. The hair dye contains Golden Millet and vegetable extracts for a reliable and non-aggressive hair colouring. 

Sanotint Sensitive Light hair colour 
Extremely low allergy risk 
12 splendid shades 
long-lasting brilliant colour results in healthy and glowing hair 
Contains natural ingredients like Golden Millet (rich in Silica), Olive leafs, Birch and Grape seeds 
Pack can be rationed for several applications 
Easy application: does not run and does not wreck the hair 
Right balance between price and performance 
Advanced solution for gentle hair colouring 
Sanotint Sensitive Light guarantees a perfect grey coverage as well as Sanotint Classic

Sanotint Sensitive light Indication, use and composition
Does not contain ingredients of animal origin
Dermatologically tested
Product appointed by the Ministry of Health
Without preservatives
Does not contain added metals
is Alcohol-free

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KateuWilson -

I have been using regular hair colours with out any reaction from last 10 years and but recently I had bad reaction. So I was exploring different options. I first tried without ammonia, but still had allergic reactions. Then tried another form of henna, but it just turns the hair colour into little brown colour after keeping for few hours and it's a pain to keep the henna for such a long time(usually I keep it for 2hrs). I haven't give up and I was keep browsing then I came across Sanotint Light. I did a 24h test and there was no reaction :) Of course, then I coloured my hair and let it go for 25 min was perfect! No more grey hair and no reaction. I am writing this after 2 days of colouring, it looks very good with out any reaction!

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