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Oral Hygiene
Mouth Throat rinsing elixir Vivasan

Oral Hygiene Mouth Throat rinsing elixir from Vivasan strengthens the gums, works preventively against caries, prevents bleeding of the gums and the formation of tartar, gives a pleasant fresh breath and helps to prevent snoring.

Mouth wash throat rinse against snoring

The disinfectant properties of Oral Hygiene Mouth Throat rinsing elixir prevent the formation of an unpleasant mouth odor and provides fresh breath. Vivasan Oral Hygiene oral care elixir moistens the mucous membrane and softens it. The tissue of the larynx becomes firmer, thereby normalizing breathing during the sleep. This reduces night-time snoring. Ideal when used with Vivasan 4-fold Toothpaste and Tongue Cleaner IQ.

Ingredients Oral Hygiene Mouth Throat rinsing elixir

Oral Hygiene Mouthcare Elixir contains a concentrated mixture of one hundred percent pure natural essential oils such as: orange, mint, lavender, carnation, lemon, thyme, pistachio, tea tree, manuka, kanuka. This carefully formulated combination ensures efficient and complete care and protection of the mouth and pharynx and prevents snoring.


Add 5 to 10 drops of Oral Hygiene Mouth Throat elixir to a glass of water. Rinse and gurgle the mouth and the throat. To achieve a better result, it is advisable to repeat this procedure several times a day, especially after the meals. For the reduction of snoring and snoring problems and the relief of breathing during sleep, the mouth and especially the throat should be thoroughly rinsed and gurgled before sleeping. Do not eat anymore.


Store at room temperature in a place that is inaccessible to children. Avoid contact with the eyes.

Made in Switzerland • ISO GMP certified • Pharmaceutical Quality - Approved SwissMedic • Vivasan Webshop© • Oral Hygiene Mouth Throat rinsing elixir

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Mary - 25-07-2018 19:44

Good product and very good service. In really helps against snoring in combination with the IQ tongue cleaner.

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