Tea tree oil with manuka and kanuka 10ml Vivasan

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Tea Tree oil with manuka and kanuka Vivasan 10ml

Vivasan Tea Tree oil is widely applicable and effective antiseptic aroma oil. The oil has disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Vivasan tree oil with manuka and kanuka contains an exclusive, carefully selected blend of three tea tree oils, which are unique in their combined effect.

Versatile oil

Vivasan Tea Tree oil helps with numerous skin problems such as shingles, burns, fungus, warts, eczema, itching, herpes, insect bites. This oil is also recommended for caries and gum infections


External use only. Keep away from children. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Highest quality

Vivasan tea tree oil is a 100% pure essential oil of the highest quality. The selected oils are suitable for natural aromatization and are widely used in aromatherapy.


Made in Switzerland • Approved by SwissMedic • Pharmaceutical Quality • GMP certified • Vivasan Webshop© • Tea Tree oil with manuka and kanuka Vivasan

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Fanny London - 28-06-2020 11:34

For years I have only bought one product in your webshop: Tea tree oil. I am very satisfied with it. I use it for minor disinfections on the skin and in the mouth. Good product of excellent quality!

Elias - 02-04-2020 19:26

A very useful product at this time of the pandemic by covid-19. The essential oils it contains have shown their antiviral and antibacterial action. Thus, it is a very useful product for cleaning surfaces and skin as well.

Anita - 07-09-2017 14:41

Top product. It really helps.

Luigi - 09-08-2014 17:28

I do not speak English well. This is a good oil to cure many diseases. The price is good, so I bought five packs.

Olga Smith - 23-03-2014 11:45

My daughter had serious skinproblems, brown and red spots. We used te tea tree oil for 1 week and day by day it went better. We were surprised that it worked so visibly fast. Great product! Thank you Vivasan webshop, also for the excellent service and presents.

Jane Smith -

Wonderful product. I use it for many years. I use it very often. I read that this oil is a natural antiseptic fluid. And believe me, it works.

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