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  Vivasan Webshop English - World wide delivery
Peppermint Green Tea 120 drops 161g Vivasan 5 2
Dietary supplement – 120 drops 6.0 oz  -  169.8 g
Peppermint-Green Tea Drops  
Peppermint-Green Tea Drops is a food supplement that supports the metabolism.
Peppermint green tea drops from Vivasan contain extracts of peppermint leaves, green tea leaves, antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and beta carotene (provitamin A). One tablet contains several cups of green tea. 
Peppermint green tea drops supports metabolism and is good for the digestion. It is a good help against overweight. The drops are good for the blood circulation, liver, skin, skin connective tissue.  Peppermint was medicinal plant of the year 2004.

Recommended daily dosage
Chew or suck 3 Vivasan Peppermint-Green-Tea-Drops daily.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.
Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.
Store in a dry and cool place.
Keep out of reach of children.
Food supplements should not be a substitute for a varied, balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle.
Sweetners: sorbitol, mannitol, maltodextrin; dl-alpha-Tocopheryl acetate preoaration; ascorbic acid; peppermint leaves extract 1,9%; green tea leaves extract 0,9%; selenium yeast; Beta-Carotene preparation 0,4%; Emulsifier: mono- and  diglycerides of fatty acidsn; Firming agents: silicion dioxide; Anticaking agent: magnesium salt of fatty acids.
Peppermint green tea drops may contain traces of soy.
Nutritional information
Per 100 g
3 drops
*% NRV
1’082 kj / 258 kcal
45.9 kj / 11.1 kcal
2.6 g
0.12 g
90.9 g
3.9 g
0.5 g
< 0.03 g
Vitamin C
1.7 g
73.5 mg
Vitamin E
0.7 g ɑ-TE
30.9 mg ɑ-TE
Beta Carotene
84.8 mg
3.6 mg
0.6 mg
23.7 ug
Peppermint leaves extract
1.9 g
79.8 mg
Green tea leaves extract
0.9 g
39.9 mg
thereof polyphenols
0.5 g
20 mg
*  nutrient reference values. Percentage of recommended daily intake.
** still no NRV set

Vivasan Peppermint green tea drops • GMP certified  •  Made in Switzerland

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€ 55,09 * € 53,90 *
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€ 8,95 

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€ 55,09*  € 52,69 *
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Irina -

Used this drops fr last 8 years! Fantastic product. Highly recommend to everyone!

Svetlana P., Southampton -

I use Peppermint green tea drops to lose weight and to improve my skin. I found this information one the internet one year ago. It helps me very good.

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