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Toothpaste 4 in 1
4-fold precaution

Toothpaste 4 in 1 of Vivasan strengthens the gums, works preventively against caries, counteracts the formation of tartar and reduces snoring. 

Natural product

Prevention Toothpaste 4 in 1 contains a mixture of essential oils such as: orange, mint, lavender, carnation, lemon, thyme, pistachio, tea tree, manuka and kanuka. The selected oils form the basis of this natural toothpaste. The herbs provide an effective care of teeth, mouth and oral cavity.
Regular dental care with Vivasan toothpaste protects your teeth and provides a gentle treatment of the gums. The natural pure essential oils create a special delicate taste.

Use Vivasan Toothpaste

Brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day: after breakfast and before sleeping.

Ingredients 4 in 1 Toothpaste

Toothpaste 4 in 1 contains extracts and oils of orange, mint, lavender, carnation, lemon, thyme, pistachio, tea tree, manuka and kanuka. Water, hydrated silica, glycerol, sorbitol, Peg-7, glyceryl cocoate, peg-40 Hydrogenated castor oil, H 2 -hydroxyethyl cellulose, Mentha piperita oil, sodium fluoride, lactic acid, sodium benzoate, polyminopropyl biguanide, sodium saccharin, CI 77891.

Four in One Toothpaste new concept

Vivasan toothpaste does not contain derivatives of animal origin. Has not been tested on animals. Has been dermatologically tested. Contains no added metals and dyes of synthetic origin. Is GMO free, alcohol-free and free of parabens.
Experience this special 4 in 1 toothpaste with soothing and carefully selected, gently refreshing natural oils.

Vivasan Prevention Toothpaste 4 in 1 is a strong, new natural concept for teeth cleaning and dental care.

Made in Switzerland • ISO GMP certified • Pharmaceutical Quality Approved SwissMedic • Vivasan Webshop© • Toothpaste 4 in 1

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