Foot and Nail herbal Cream Vivasan relaxes 100ml

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Vivasan Herbal Foot and Nail Cream 

Herbal foot & Nail cream from Vivasan with arnica, mallow, chamomile and yarrow 

Vivasan Herbal Foot and Nail Cream invigorates, refreshes and relaxes feet and legs. The stimulating ingredients provide a long lasting care and keeps feet and legs supple. The cream protects the skin from drying out and  prevent a rough and chapped skin. Herbal Foot & Nail Cream penetrates quickly and improves the blood circulation.
Vivasan Herbal Foot & Nail Cream is dermatologically tested on skin tolerance.
Application: According to need, apply some Vivasan Herbal Foot & Nail Cream on legs and feet and massage it in.

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