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Acerola 60 tablets Vitamin C 58,3g Vivasan 5 1
Sold Out
Food supplement 60 tablets 58.3g - 2.1oz
Acerola chewable tablets

Acerola Vitamin C provider 
Vivasan Acerola tablets contain extracts from the tropical cherry Acerola
Acerola feeds the body with vitamin C.
Acerola cherry
Malpighia emarginata (Acerola) is a tropical fruit-bearing shrub or small tree in the family Malpighiaceae. Common names include Acerola, West Indian cherry and wild crepe myrtle. Acerola is native to South America, southern Mexico, and Central America, but is now also being grown as far north as Texas and in subtropical areas of Asia, such as India. Acerola is extremely rich in vitamin C. It also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, and B3, as well as carotenoids and bioflavonoids, which provide important nutritive value and have antioxidant uses. Humans better absorb Vitamin C produced by fruit than synthetic ascorbic acid.
Recommended daily dosage
Adults en children 12 years and older chew 1 tablet Acerola 2-3 times daily
Acerola juice powder 43.2% (Acerola, fruit juice concentrate,  ascorbic acid, sugar, malt dextrin); sugar, fruit sugar; cotton seed oil, hardened; Agent: calcium salt of fatty acids, corn starch; Firming agent: silicon dioxide; Flavours: exotic fruit, black current, cherry, Hagen butt dry extract; Pepper-extract.
Nutritional information per 100g 2 tablets 3 tablets
Energy 1656 kj / 396 kcal 32.2 kj / 7,6 kcal 48.3 kj / 11.4 kcal
Fat 1.8 g < 0.1 g 0.1 g
Carboydrates 8.0 g < 0.2 g 0.2 g
Protein 1.5 g < 0.1 g < 0.1 g
Vitamin C 10.3 g 200mg / 250%* 300 mg / 375%*
*RDA=% Recommended Daily Allowance according to EU-regulation

Important information
Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.
Store in a cool and dry place protected from light.
Keep out of reach of young children.
Food supplements should not be a substitute for a varied, balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle.
Vivasan Acerola tablets   •   GMP certified   •   Made in Switzerland

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€ 17,38 € 17,01 *

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€ 8,95 

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Mary T. -

Acerola helps me. I use it in case of colds. Very good product!

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